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Welcome to M&S Decorators

Quality, service and great prices


Since 2004, M & S Decorating has been the choice for hundreds of homes and businesses across the London, offering a complete quality Painting & Decorating service.

The reason behind our success is simple: We provide excellent customer service and the highest quality tradesmen. All of our staff come with a proven track record within the painting industry, and carry recognised qualifications.


Our services extend into the corporate / business sector, and we provide custom interior and exterior design solutions. These include complete design / decoration of shops, foyers, sports facilities and industrial units.


We have an ongoing commitment to the highest possible standards. If you would like to know more, please take a look at examples of our work, or call us.


We look forward to hearing from you.



Check Our Gallery

Please feel free to see some off our pictures from our gallery.


Quality Products


Be assured that your decorator will only use good quality materials appropriate for the job. They will not skimp or take short-cuts to keep costs down.


M & S Decorators will be courteous and honest and give you only the best advice on any aspect of painting and decorating.

No hidden costs or nasty surprises

All quotes or estimates will be given in writing and will include a detailed specification of the work to be done. Prices will be fully inclusive of VAT, material, labour and cleaning away of debris.